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Yemeni womens coalition appreals directly to the American people

Watan, the Womens Coalition for Social Peace, based in Yemen issued an appeal yesterday directly to the American people. In the letter, the group asks Americans to urge their elected representatives to end support of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh who has been in power for 32 years. Saleh, a notorious human rights abuser, has looted the Yemeni state budget, natural resources and international aid, bringing Yemen to the brink of economy disaster. Nationwide protests demanding Saleh’s ouster began in January. US officials including US Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein, have repeatedly urged negotiations. Yesterday Feierestein called for a prompt resolution to the conflict, far short of the supporitng the protesters democratic ambitions. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said a transition of power in Yemen would be a “real problem” for the US. The text of Watan’s letter is as follows:

Letter to the American People

”Watan” calls the American People to demand their government to stop supporting the dictatorship and Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Yemen, March 30.2011

Last Monday, at least 120 civilians, including children and women have been killed in the explosion of ammunition factory in the town of Ja’ar, Abyan Governorate, southern Yemen. The blast occurred as a result of mining the place by al-Qaeda who had taken over the factory and looted a day after the regime army battalion, which was in charged of guard the factory, pulled out. The withdrawal of the military forces and the emergence of al Qaeda in Jaar, coincided with the withdrawal of security forces and the emergence of al Qaeda in several areas.

Moreover, the incident came after one day of the statement by U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates, in ABC channel, in which he said: ””We have had a lot of counterterrorism co-operation from President Saleh and Yemeni security services.. So if that government collapses or is replaced by one that is dramatically weaker, then I think we’ll face some additional challenges out of Yemen”

Watan Coalition, Women for Social Peace, condemns the crimes committed by al Qaeda against the Yemenis, at the same time, it condemns the recent U.S. attitude expressed by Mr. Gates. We consider such attitude as encouragement to the President Selah to use al-Qaeda card to suppress the peaceful revolution that calls overthrow the regime.

Our stance depends on evidences proved that Selah is using ”al-Qaeda, and the American war against terrorism” to receive generous financial support, and intensive training for the Special Forces, Central Security, and National Security, which all headed by his son and his nephews and use to suppress the Yemeni for more than a decade.

U.S reports revealed that the U.S. support; both in term of financial support and equipments, have gone to al-Qaeda, and some of this support has been used in the attack targeted the U.S. embassy in 2008.

The support, which haven’t been handed to al Qaeda, are currently used by security forces in suppressing peaceful protests, and that what happened extensively in the past few weeks. The American political position always has been up to date with this misuse of financial- and non financial support, within the war against terrorism frame.

The last American stance, which was expressed by Robert Gates, reinforces our belief that the U.S. government is not serious in fighting terrorism and promoting democracy. The money is used in the name of the ”American people and the fight against terrorism” to support dictatorial regimes and Al-Qaeda, against nations’ choices and demands for democracy. Yemen comes at the forefront of these nations.

American people, the hands of Yemeni people who have been in the streets in a peaceful revolution since two months, still rose demanding the elimination of the dictatorial regime and establish a modern civil state. However these hands are facing your weapons, your money, and the shameful attitude of your government, which we know that they do not reflect the spirit of the American nation which based on principles of freedom and human dignity.

Lift up your hands, against your government that on your behalf and via your money, is supporting the repression of peoples, democracy and peace.

Watan coalition Women for Social Peace

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